Mobile App Push Notification

Push out your message to all app users at a specific time to highlight your event, promotion, or activity in your booth.  Limited to a total of 2 commercial Push Alerts per day over 4 days.  $1,500/Push Alert.


Deadline to provide message to ASPHO: April 4, 2022


Only two commercial push notifications available each day.  Available dates:

  • Tuesday, May 3rd
  • Wednesday, May 4th
  • Thursday, May 5th
  • Friday, May 6th


Click here to access the Push Notification order form.




Subject Title Line: Alert subject lines or titles longer than 29 characters will be automatically and
randomly abbreviated by the mobile app. So, to maintain content and context, consider keeping your
subject line fewer than 29 characters. Utilize a Call to Action or a Strong Message to grab the user's

Body: The body of the alert message can be scrolled to accommodate lengthier messages, and can
contain full URLs to link the user to a webpage.

Please provide:
(1) Date/Time Alert will be scheduled to send (subject to review of potential conflicting ASPHO messages)
(2) Alert Subject Title
(3) Body of Alert message