Mobile App Title Sponsorship


Almost all of the attendees are accessing the mobile app frequently throughout the conference.  The conference mobile app will enable everyone interested in the Annual Conference—attendees and non-attendees—to access the program directly from their smartphones or tablets. Users can browse the schedule, search for sessions and speakers, claim CE credit, and access maps of the Convention Center and Exhibit Hall.  The app provides tens of thousands of impressions before, during, and after the Annual Conference.


Opportunity Details, including:

  • Splash screen with your logo: This screen shows briefly whenever the app refreshes; multiplying the exposure.
  • Rotating Banner Ad: banner ads rotate at the top of the app Dashboard page and your Title Sponsorship ad is weighted for a longer appearance.  Click through to a full-screen app landing page or dedicated URL.
  • Full-Screen App Landing Page: Show app users more about your product or services or show specials.  Buttons can lead users to exhibitor listing or provided webpage URL.
  • Schedule Page Watermark: watermark of the sponsor's logo will appear on the mobile app "My Schedule" calendar pages.
  • Multimedia Video Message: Sponsor video is downloadable from the Exhibitor Profile
  • Exhibitor Row Highlighting: Background color draws attention to the overall app sponsor's listing in the exhibitor directory.
  • Push Message Alerts: push your single message to all users. 
  • Acknowledgments in the printed pocket guide and multiple other signage onsite (subject to printing deadlines)


  • Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: February 11th, 2022