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Fun Run!

Gain great recognition associated with ASPHO's 8th Annual Fun Run at the Annual Conference.  Over 100 runners are now participating in this fun and healthy event which takes place on Thursday morning.  Sponsors are recognized on the runners' T-shirts and on appropriate signage, in the pocket guide, and in the mobile app.  It is exciting to see your logo on a sea of shirts during the run.

Deadline to commit for acknowledgment: February 18, 2022

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Charging Stations

Grab the attention of attendees and provide a great service!  A charging station offers a convenient area for attendees to charge their devices. Most charging stations are occupied constantly throughout the conference.  Each station seats 4-6 individuals with ports for most mobile phones, tablets, and small laptops. The station will be branded with your company graphics and placed in a high-traffic area. Price includes production.


Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 1, 2021.


Multiple locations available!


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